Round Tourmaline with beautiful play of colors


Round Tourmaline with beautiful play of colors

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Round Tourmaline with beautiful play of colors


Are you an autumn color type?

In this case, this Dravit would be a very nice and stylish accessory for you!

The tourmaline group has different color shades. ... and the Dravites, which are also tourmaline, have more orange-brown in their color crystals.

Especially the Dravite have a wonderful play of colors.

This tourmaline has a fantastic orange, yellow and mud green play of colors. Depending on the light direction and the direction of view, the color changes as if by magic.

This is a very fascinating feature of Dravit tourmaline.

This gemstone is flawless and faceted in the Ceylon cut, which increases the very high brilliance of the stone marvelously.

This colorful beauty is ideal for a ring or pendant. Use this orange-brown tourmaline alone or combine with another matching gemstone.

It's just a matter of taste! Both variants look very nice!



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