Shipping and Payment




Standard setting for shipping is € 6.99 - "DHL - DE - Shopping basket value from 1 Euro to 500 Euro"


But please note that the shipping charges vary depending on the basket value and recipient country or continent.

Therefore, please select the appropriate shipping selection for your shopping basket during order processing.

Example: Basket value = Euro 600,-
                Country of destination = Germany

In this case the correct shipping method = "DHL - DE - Shopping basket value from 501 Euro to 2,500 Euro"



Shipping Charges

DE - Total basket amount within1 to 500 Euros

 € 6.99

DE - Total basket amount within 501 € to 2,500 €

 € 14.99

DHL - Express delivery within Germany

 € 21.00

DHL - EU delivery

 € 14.99

DHL - European countries outside of the EU

 € 35.00

DHL - RU Delivery

 € 48.00

DHL - Switzerland

 € 27.00

DHL - USA delivery

 € 40.00

DHL - to all the other countries

 € 47.50



Payment options


Payment in advance

  • In case of payment in advance please transfer the total amount invoiced (your discount is already accounted in the total) to our bank account.
  • Important details such as bank account number, name of the account holder, etc. are stated on the E-Mail which you get as the confirmation of your order.
  • Upon receipt of payment the goods are being dispatsched.
  • Delivery period stated on the E-Mail for the ordered products refers to the point of time, after the receipt of payment onwards.
  • If you have misplaced our bank details by accident, please let us know it by E-Mail. Once more we will send you the bank details as fast as possible.
  • Please indicate the Order number on your transfer, otherwise it is not possible to match your remittance with the correct outstanding.
  • If the amount invoiced is over due within a fortnight, once again we send you an E-Mail as a reminder. Should there be no payments received after another fortnight, we will cancel your order without prior notice.


  • Directly after placing the order you will be forwarded to the website of Paypal.
  • All the order information likewise forwarded to Paypal so that you could effect your payment straight away.
  • In normal case Paypal authorizes the payment instantly. Directly after the authorization from Paypal we proceed with your order.
  • Your account is debited upon dispatch of the Goods.
  • The stated delivery period refers to the point of time, after the authorization of payment by Paypal.
  • Should there be any delays in authorization by Paypal, we proceed with your order after the release for payment. By experience this could require about seven working days.
  • Important: Please take care that the address you have given us is identical with the address you used for the registration at Paypal. Otherwise Paypal will not accept your payment. In addition Paypal does not accept any part payment.

Cash on delivery (Deliveries within Germany only)

  • In addition to the full invoiced amount a forwading fee of euros 10 (currently) is due for the method of payment by cash on delivery.
  • The Buyer pays the full invoiced amount and the additional fee to the parcel-service and the parcel-service in return delivers the Goods ordered.